About Me

This is me

I was on a cold early morning February 1982. I was definitely a unique baby as my mom said I was very quiet. I didn’t start talking till around 3 years old. My first memory was at 4 years old me sitting on the swing in my backyard bored as my brother was at school and my sister was just a baby. I really didn’t really do well in preschool as I was always thrown out and asked not to return. Who knew at the time that I was autistic. Kindergarten I was tranfered to Boces Sayville Learning Center till 4th Grade. I was doing so well that in 5th Grade I was put back into district Lynwood Avenue Elementary and 6 Grade I was mainstreamed in Math and Health my parents thought I was going to turn out fine, but who knew what 7th Grade had in store for me. In 7th Grade I went to Seneca Jr. High and I completely stopped learning in certain subjects. By the 4th quarter of 7th Grade I was sent back to Boces Masara Learning Center where I was till November of 1996 when I was officially diagnosed with PDD (Pavasive Developmental Disorder AKA Autism) November 1996 I left Masara Learning Center to go to Developmental Disabilities Institute where I met my best Friend Ian and The best teacher Sue. I did so much from that day on as my life changed for the better. I graduated at 21 and the next year I moved out me parents house into where I am today SCO Ridge IRA. I had my ups and downs with meds as in 2006 I got really sick from a medication that caused me to be in and out of hospitals all the way till about 2015. I am now currently working on getting my own apartment and I’m in a relationship with my girlfriend Alison who’s the love of my life. I am working at Sears and I’m in an awesome program DDI WOW.